PC Repair in Kirton Lindsey

Do you need PC Repair in Kirton Lindsey?

 WCS are here to help with all of your PC repair requirements. WCS are based in the town & we are specialists in PC repair and upgrades. Although we have no shop (due to our work being mostly design and call-out), we still offer a friendly, reliable PC repair service.

  • PC running slowly?

Sometimes PC repair or replacement isn’t required. WCS can visit you and work on site/in your home, or we can take your PC away for a tune-up. We also offer remote support (over the internet) if that is more convenient for you.

  • PC with an error?

Most PC and laptop errors are based on software problems, either with the operating system (usually Windows) or with an application or program you have installed. This kind of PC repair is the most common, and WCS are highly experienced in this kind of PC repair work.

  • PC will not switch on, contantly reboots, or blue screen error?

This is generally a true PC repair problem, and is will most likely require PC hardware repair. WCS can repair this kind of PC problem too, and we will consult you after diagnosing the fault, before we start any work. This way you can decide whether a repair is the most cost effective solution.

  • PC repair or new build?

If you are having problems with your PC or laptop, and it is possibly quite old, WCS are happy to offer free advice as to whether its worth repairing, or buying new. New PC’s are much cheaper than they used to be, and we will happily offer advice on your requirements. We can custom build PC’s for you to your exact requirements, although most customers opt for pre-built PC’s nowadays.

  • PC repair or upgrade?

Your PC or laptop may not need repairing at all. It may require an upgrade. This is because newer operating systems, new applications (programs) and the amount of applications installed may cause your PC to slow down. A tune-up could fix this to some degree, and is always recommended first, but if you are running out of space, or the computer is just too slow, it may need an upgrade. RAM (memory) & Hard Disks (storage space) and the most common upgrades. Both of these options are surprisingly inexpensive to purchase and install, and you could see a massive improvement in performance with a simple RAM upgrade.


Please contact us for more deatils and free advice with any PC repair or laptop repair questions